Website Ideas

My website is about music videos. People can upload their music videos on it and comment on them and view people’s music videos.

This site is similar to YouTube so you can upload your videos and comment on them, however it is only for music videos. People on this site can upload and process videos quickly. You do not need an account to post and comment on the videos. Any hate comments shouldn’t get posted so this would stop cyber bullying a bit. Celebrities can chat to their fans on the website.

My website could make a noise whenever anyone clicks on each link or page in this website. My website should have links for people to access the different pages and my social media. It should be interesting with an easy to read layout, bright colours and simple to use so people invite their friends and celebrities to go onto it. The website will have information about the artist and how they made the videos.

What does the user want?

The user may want to like the videos by pressing the heart to favourite them. It won’t have a dislike button. People can socialise with friends and celebrities. The website would have the music videos on the left and the chats on the right. The comments and likes would be below each music video.


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