26/2/16 – Video Art Installation

The meaning of my video art is about relaxation and happiness because of the bright lights to reflect different colours. My video art will also include some other relaxing things like flowers blowing softly in the wind too. The part of my video art with the pencil with lighted colours around it may be reversed so the colours will disappear one by one slowly. The flowers will have blossomed and won’t be sped up or slowed down. This just helps to portray relaxing even more because the flowers will probably be brightly coloured.

Nam June Paik founded the video art. He was known for making robots out of television sets. These were constructed using pieces of wire and metal, but later Paik used parts from radio and television sets.

BITNIK sent a parcel containing a camera and a GPS signal to the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, to find out what would happen on the way.

Primary research and similar art –

James Turrell is an American artist concerned about light and space. This was to engage viewers with the limits and wonder of the human perception.

Pixels on TV – RGB Red Green Blue

100% R

100% G

100% B


1 volt = white

Legal gamut = when watching clips on standard TV you must stick to the legal gamut and must be allowed to be shown.

Hamlet have a machine which will register the legal gamut.

P.A.L. TV standard in Britain (Phase Alternating Line) 25 fps

N.T.S.C – in US (National Television Systems Committee) 29.97 fps

SECAM – in France (Séquentiel Couleur Avec Mémoire) 25 fps

standards conversion

Aspect ratio

HD resolution

1920 / 16 = 120

1080 / 9 = 120

4k resolution

3840 x 2160

8k resolution

7680 x 4320

16 x 9

resolution increasing

Pixel aspect ratio

Oblong pixel aspect ratio

T.C. – Time code 01:00:00:00 1 hours

T.O.D. Time of day 11:31:25:-

post-production t.c.



30 secs (black (no colour))

Video Level




1v – white

0v – black

Legal gamut –

Meter v.u.

Peak meter

Voice 5.5 ppm

Music 4 ppm

SFX 3.5 ppm

= Audio Mix

LIMITER = a limiter prevents a signal. It reduces the dynamic range of a signal that passes through it.




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