Video Art installation

What inspired me to do my video installation was that I saw some video installations on youtube which had lots of colours and flashing images which gave me the idea of doing my installation like that. I also watched a video on YouTube called Western Spaghetti by PES which had everyday household goods and made a dinner out of them so it used bubble wrap and made that look like boiling water, pick up sticks to look like spaghetti, glitter to look like salt and elastic bands to look like cooked spaghetti.

I have applied inspiration into my work by including coloured UV lights and colourful flowers. In my project, the pencil is reflecting coloured UV lights around it and then the camera flicks to colourful flowers. The flowers would be gently swaying in the wind and slowed down.

My video is about beauty and happiness. There will be a pencil in the middle of a table and the camera will pan around it. Then I will photoshop pictures of UV light emitting around the pencil. Then the camera will show some colourful flowers gently blowing from the wind which will be slowed down a little in the edit.



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