Evaluation of video installation art

Evaluation for Video Art Installation

The idea for my video art installation was previously about a pencil and lit colours would emit around the pencil in different colours. Then I realised this would be very different so I had to change my idea slightly. I tried to find pictures on the internet that I could Photoshop on but this would be too challenging. So then I changed my idea a bit and then got the idea of beauty. This used the pencil which I used different coloured and helped me keep to the idea. Then I used bamboo skewers in a saucepan to make it look like spaghetti and stirred it to make it look cooked which then turned into string which looked like the spaghetti was cooked. I then presented it on a plate with some balls of play-doh which made it look like meatballs. I then got a tube of red paint and put that on the side to make it look like tomato ketchup. I used the college cameras for the pencil clips and I used my own digital camera for the clips at home because it was more convenient for me to transport. It was still recorded in HD. I deliberately didn’t use lights because I wanted it to look as natural as I could and not have any shadows.

The editing of this project I think was the most enjoyable part because I used green screen to put pictures in the background of the text and I also sped up clips and muted some which used a variety of media knowledge which I love doing.

What I think could have been improved with my video installation is that maybe I could included more things to represent beauty such as brightly coloured flowers blowing in the wind or something. I also think I should have used more fake things like when I used the real gas to heat the water up I should have used tissue paper to represent the flames and then bubble wrap to represent boiling water. I could have also made the water look boiling when I had the cooked spaghetti too.



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