Moodboard for my 2 minute project

Attached below is my mood board for my two minute project about broken promises.

I decided to use the words truth and lies in my project because I think of them as being closely related to broken promises as, if promises are broken, people will find it hard to trust again so you won’t know if they’re being truthful or telling lies. Pinky promises are what we do when we link little fingers with somebody else’s and this is supposedly meant to be how we trust others not to break their promise.

There are many types of promises. There are solemn promises such as marriage vows or military oaths, legal contracts, enforceable by law. There are fairytale promises, regrettable, problematic at the time they must be honoured. Lastly, there are electoral promises, commitments which will later be shaped by politics and compromise. Both an oath and an affirmation can be a promise. One special kind of promise is the vow.

If somebody breaks a promise, then they are technically lying. This could be a white lie which is a small lie that will not hurt anyone physically and it could be a lie to cover up the truth which may hurt people like: “Does my bum look big in this?” And then you reply with “no” which may be a lie. A black lie is one which can hurt others and has no respect for the other person. Black lies are meant to delude another or to protect yourself and it can change a person’s life choices. However, technically, a lie is still a lie. Christians believe in promises as being an oath that God is a witness within the promise.

In my project, I will be thinking about whether calling a big lie a black lie and a small lie a white lie is socially acceptable in these days.

In a way, the American Dream, was linked to this topic because in reality, the American Dream was a lie.

A clinical psychologist believes that if you give your word on something, then you either have to carry through with it no matter what, or you have to explain it. Rather than saying, “I promise to do this”, she recommends using phrases such as, “I plan on…” and “I’m going to try…”.

moodboard for broken promises


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