Applying understanding from Robbie Williams analysis

For my pop promo piece, I didn’t use any different shot types other than wide shot. Robbie Williams tends to have the camera focus on him walking in the shot. This links to my pop promo because in my pop promo we focused mainly on the aeroplane flying. In one shot, we used the shark hat to fly into the camera to cut to another screen. The main process I focussed on in my film was the procedure when I was filming to ensure we hit the criteria with using different shot types. We used green screen to add skills to the final piece instead of using wide, mid and close. Robbie Williams too, uses mostly wide shot in his music videos, however, when something dramatic happens, he uses a close up shot. Robbie uses a lot of mid shots too when he is facing towards the camera singing. A lot of his work is edited to black and white effects, possibly, this is because it adds more effect somehow to the final piece and makes the audience feel more emotional watching it. Whereas in colourful pieces, the audience would feel happy. Whenever Robbie Williams is crying in a music video, the shot will always be a close up, for example in his song of Feel.


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