Evaluation on 2 minute project

For my two minute project, I decided to use the word Broken. The first thing I thought of when I chose the word Broken was broken promises. I then used this idea to think of a good idea for the topic. I have a huge interest in the interview side of media, interviewing people and filming them. I also love editing and this was a good way to use those skills.

So I decided to film two people and interview them on whether they’ve ever broken a promise before. I also decided that, instead of just interviewing the people on broken promises, I would tell them to lie, so that it is about broken promises in my interview too. I would ask them if they have ever broken a promise in their lives before, in which they’ll reply that they haven’t. But then I will ask them the same question at the end of the interview and they will say they have broken a small promise.

To improve my project, I could have done a few different shot types as opposed to just wide shot. I could have also used more lighting in my project. What went well with my project was the fact the camera was working well. I used white balance and autofocus when I was filming too which all worked well. I also liked how I used green screen when I was filming in the background, so the backgrounds wouldn’t be just plain green and this helped build my skills as well.

I used the blur tool on Premiere Pro CC 2015 when I was adding the questions onscreen to look better than having a black background or a normal screen of the people. I enjoyed working out how to do this. The editing was probably the most fun part of this project because there was always more work and skills that I could add to it.


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