Month: September 2016

Title and Synopsis

Title – Pop For You

The title for my trailer will be called Pop For You because it is pop made especially for a target audience like themselves. The title will project at the beginning of the trailer with the music starting in the background. Then, it will fade to black before continuing on with the video clips.


Act 1

There will be a few clips of people singing and dancing, walking around with the music in the background and the singers on stage singing. The music will occasionally line up with the singers but will also not always because it will show other singers and audience members just enjoying themselves and singing.

Act 2

This scene will reflect the bad things that can happen at a festival for example it will show the consequences of drug and alcohol misuse and will show up on screen the facts and statistics of drug misuse and how many people a year get affected by drug misuse, for example, how many mortalities there are and how many casualties there are.

Act 3

This scene will portray the ending of the V festival including the link to tickets, the outdoor lights being turned off to show the end of the festival and people cheering which will fade out. First, this will show more clips of people enjoying themselves for about a minute or 30 seconds and then it will fade to black and then open back to the scene of the outdoor lights being turned off.



Treatment – 30/9/16

The title of my trailer will appear on screen “Pop For You” before it fades to black onto the next scene of people dancing and walking around the festival.

Featuring thrilling music clips of the stars performing themselves, this short story takes you on an amazing adventure through the eye of an audience member.

The adventure doesn’t end here! Take this epic ride around the arena and see your idol up close and personal.

Including live footage from the previous years of V Festival, this magnificent trailer is just the start to a jam-packed day out for you and your family. The screen will flip between scenes with up-to-date pop music in the background the whole time. It might show clips of people on the fairground rides with them screaming quietly in the background on top of the music. It will flick between the scenes of random people at the festival, other singers and the real singers singing in time with that song on screen.

The trailer will not just feature all the good things about going to festivals, but it would also feature on screen titles which will warn people of the effects of drug and alcohol misuse with some facts and statistics on screen to help people to not take drugs.

But don’t let that stop you from popping along; drugs and alcohol aren’t the only result of fun. You can have fun with energy drinks and your mates!

My trailer will not consist of a story, as such, because the use of a trailer is to promote the event and persuade people to come to the event.


Research, Concept and Proposal

V Festival is an annual festival held in two parks across England. One is at Weston Park in Staffordshire and one is in Hylands Park in Chelmsford. The festival is a pop music festival held during the penultimate weekend in August. The same artists perform at both festivals over the weekend, changing over the years. They perform at one festival on Saturday and the other festival on the Sunday.

The festival is held for persons aged 16 and over but the main target audience for V Festival is early twenties. The festival provides V-style accommodation which can be purchased before hand. It is great for those wishing to have a more peaceful sleep in the festival and provides a more comfortable sleeping area.

It is a one minute walk from the car park but there will be people there who will carry all your belongings to your tent if you choose V-Style. The arena is also a very short walk to the arena and the V-Style ticket includes one ticket per person and one VIP access ticket per person as well as 2 car park tickets. V festival also has camping where you can bring along your own tent and pitch it yourself. The site for this has warm showers but can get very busy at peak times and toilets.

V Festival has big acts from Sia to Justin Bieber and also includes acts like Rick Astley and Craig David.

For my piece, I would interpret the research as a survey and ask people their views on pop music and how they would choose to travel and accommodate when you are there. I could also do a questionnaire to interpret this information. My project will be a trailer so it won’t contain clips of people I have filmed myself and also will not need to conduct interviews. If this method is not obtained, I will apply the methods and analyse the results myself. This should help to prevent bias when I am deciding how my trailer will be shown and what acts will be shown in the trailer most popularly so it will attract more viewers and persuade people to come along to the festival.

The disadvantages of doing research as a questionnaire would be that people could feel like they may not be able to tell the truth because of a fear they could get laughed at. An advantage would be that you can get a large response from people because as many people as you want would be able to answer the questions and choose the most popular result. This way would be very inexpensive or no value at all because the results could be done face-to-face or online. Another disadvantage of doing research as a questionnaire could be that the results of questionnaires don’t tell us the reasons or the meanings behind their choices.

The advantages of doing research as a survey would be that they can be cost-effective at very little charge as you can write the survey out and pass it around by hand or to do it online for cheap value. Surveys tend to have accurate results because people are most likely to tell the truth this way, especially anonymously on an online survey. Also, large amounts of information can be stored in surveys. A disadvantage of survey research is that there is no way of telling how truthful the responder is being. Also the validity of the person responding could be a disadvantage of survey research.

Target Audience and Psychographics

My target audience for my trailer would be mostly girls, but some men aged between about fifteen and thirty. This is because most people my age listen to the type of music which V Festival plays like Rihanna, Justin Bieber and David Guetta. My target audience would be aiming at British people but also a few American people because some of the performers are American cultured. However, my main target audience would be Britain because the festival is in England and it has a very British theme. The main people who watch the trailer would be people who need help persuading to go to the festival because they can’t makeup their mind. The main audience also would be people who have a huge interest in YouTube videos because the video would be uploaded onto YouTube once it is edited and this is one of the best ways to promote the festival and persuade unsure people to go to it.

In the demographics table, my target audience would mainly be letter code E, students, pensioners or unemployed but could sway into letter code D which targets semiskilled and unskilled manual workers.

The main psychographics of my trailer are as shown in the image below. People wearing t-shirts and denim shorts or jeans.


The psychographics for the acts tend to be similar to those of the audience wearing casual clothes like jeans and hoodies, as demonstrated by Justin Bieber below.


The psychographic segmentation of V Festival are all similar to one another and the lifestyle and personality characteristics are similar too. At V Festival, you see young women dancing along to the songs, fist pumping in the air and singing along to the well known songs. 99% of people who attend V Festival go because they love pop music and staying up late. So the psychographical targeting when selling merchandise at festivals, would make more profit than those selling merchandise online for example because the main target audience will be at the festival so they are the most likely to be interested in purchasing it which makes marketing increase. The interests of the people who attend the festival will be for people who interact on social media networking sites such as Twitter to find out the events, people who have their own fashion sense and those whose interests tend to be going to gigs/concerts as well as spending time with friends. They are likely to own a smart-phone and/or iPod of some sort to listen to music on the go because music is their life. They are likely to wear skinny jeans, canvas shoes or trainers, band t-shirts or short crop tops, big brands like Vans, Converse or Dr. Martens. They’re likely to think of music as an escape route when they are upset and like to keep up to date with what they are up to on social media. They are most likely to shop in shops like New Look, Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Primark, merch online stores and H&M for clothes and HMV for CD’s.

The target audience also would be students in secondary schools, colleges and universities who want to let loose once in a while or be a bit rebellious.

The lifestyle for people who will be attending V Festival next year would be people having fun with their friends whilst maybe making new friends. They might get drunk at the festival if they are of the correct age to do so and if they so wish. They also would be wearing wellies and a flower crown with a crossover bag, dancing along to the music, possibly with face paint marks on their faces.

Below is the way how people at V Festival dress.


Unit 3.1 Treatment Lesson Information

250 words minimum

Test shoots






2 – 5 page treatment

Short story written in the present tense of the entire story.

You need, in the treatment, the working title, name of the writer, introduction to the characters, Who? What? When? Why? How?

First part of the treatment sets the scene – dramatise – main conflicts

Second part of the treatment is the crisis and it needs to be 2 – 6 paragraphs.

Third part of the treatment is the dramas resolution and you start it here.

My treatment

The trailer for my treatment is to get people excited for the festival as well as to persuade them to get tickets. The audience should feel happy to see their celebrity idols on screen in my trailer which could persuade them more to come along. The piece I am aiming for will show clips of the audience and the acts singing in time with the celebrity and could show conflict between two characters, such as the celebrity and the target audience. Not necessarily, conflict in a bad way but conflict where they are dancing along together.

Find a title.

Whats in a name? “That which we call a ‘rose’ by any other name would smell as sweet.”


___ is a character-driven romantic comedy about a high-powered manhattan single mum who opens Pandora’s Box when she seeks out the anonymous sperm donor father of her son.

My logline

V Festival is a pop music festival starring acts such as Little Mix, Rihanna and David Guetta. Seek yourself in this thrilling musical trailer featuring music from your favourite artists and clips of you guys dancing and singing along with your idols!



Project Research

Project Name: V Festival Trailer

Where? Chelmsford, Essex

Details: The trailer will mainly be showcasing the audience and the performers on the night from past V Festivals.


Website link:

For my medium, which is a trailer, I plan to get short clips from past V Festival events and edit them all together on Premiere Pro of the audience having fun and the performers singing.

Demonstrate an understanding of the audience for your chosen product and select appropriate methods of delivery to create effective media solutions.


Interpreting Research

Sources – Website

Primary – Research you do yourself e.g. survey

Secondary – Others research.

Tertiary – Reference book e.g. bibliography. Reference manual to find secondary sources.

Sources of research

  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Internet
  • People
  • Radio
  • Television programmes
  • Website

You will have 2 sources; one for festival and one for the medium.

Primary research for my medium

  • Questionnaire
  • Survey
  • Interview
  • Focus Group (people)

To try and receive original data.


Exploring the first hand knowledge of the content

Snapshot of opinion

There are limitations to primary sources.

For example, there are limitations in cinema when there are age restrictions and censorship.

Too close to see the bigger picture.

Letters, diaries and memoirs e.g. Contact the owners of the festival as these.

We will look at values and limitations of these.


Intimate glimpse


Study of personality

Limitations – Only meant for one person. Isn’t for general use.

Disclosure (A private letter is disclosed to one person only.)

Only one viewpoint which could be biased.

Historically blurred – However and whoever told it, could be fake and lying.

Poem, Novels

The value of a poem is historical, emotional, spiritual and cultural.

The limitation of a poem is overdramatised which would be incorrect and inaccurate information. It will also hide the meaning. It also would be emotionally biased.

It would contain different interpretation for example: A German war author’s viewpoint would be a different perspective to a perspective from an author from somewhere else.

Drawings, paintings, cartoons

The value would be the hypodermic needle model where they inject in your brain what they want you to think.

Captures the spirit and educational. Can be viewed anywhere.

Style/ Design

Skill of the artist.

Captures the historical values (such as slaves at the bottom of the picture and then it progresses to the person on top.

The limitations of this are cubism.

The artist expresses their own opinion of a historical event.


The value would be a Vietnam war child and recently an Aleppo boy ambulance.

How people looked and dressed.

How people posed.

The reflection of attitude.

The limitations are personal bias e.g BBC.

  • political
  • photoshop (changing the image for the better)
  • now this
  • editing


The values of the newspapers are the nature of society, they publish accurate news (or are meant to) and record events.

The limitations are the society in which the newspaper is produced. Dictatorship and suppressed information.

Commercial motives.

Political agenda


What is the value?

Historical and factual (reliable)

Quantitative and qualitative data

Free of influence




Government records

Value – Solid, reliable, fact

Intended to be public

Census – Who are you? Where are you from?

Limitations – Scandal, illegal, maintain government’s image

Only about what the government wants us to know.

Oral History

Values – First hand minority, historical legacies, opinion history.

Limitations – Persuaded by questions. Body language. Loaded. Memory

Cultural background – social influence



Level 3 – Lesson 3 – Context of film

Historical Context

I would like to place my medium historically as a modern context because my festival contains modern pop music and the festival has only existed fairly recently with new acts. The target audience for the festival are teenagers and young adults which would make it more modern too. However, the festival began in 1996 so it will contain some footage throughout the years but mostly contemporary footage.

Cultural Context

The American Dream

E.g. kissing in Indian movies wouldn’t be accepted unless they’re married.

The cultural context of my piece would be mostly English values as the trailer I will be making will be based on the V Festival which is set in England. A lot of the celebrities however that are performing will be travelling from all around the world like USA but a lot of the crowd will be from the UK.

Geographical Context E.G. Made in India

The geographical context of my piece is ‘Made in America’ because I want my audience to feel like the trailer was made in America however it was shot in England. The medium I am doing is a trailer which would be made in England however because the event i am advertising in my trailer would be in England.

Financial Context

The financial structure of my trailer will cost nothing because I will be getting all the footage from the internet. The trailer will not take no more than one week.

Production Context

The production context of my piece that it is edited on Adobe Premiere Pro CC. The main part of the editing will be Premiere Pro for the clips, titles and the music.


Film noir is good to research.

  • Angular shadow
  • Isolated feeling of a city
  • Terse dialogue
  • Determined, beautiful, scheming women

Level 3 – Lesson 2 – Focus Group (Creative Festivals)

My Idea

I have chosen to do a trailer for V Festival. The reason I have chosen to do this as my creative festival is because I love to edit videos. I also have a huge obsession with pop music so to be able to do a trailer for pop music would be really fun. I will be filming some acts on stage that I will have downloaded from the internet. I will also do a shoutout on Twitter to get people involved who have been to V Festival and ask them their thoughts of it. I will be showcasing the audience too singing along and dancing to the acts as well as the acts.

Lydia’s Idea

Lydia’s idea was to do a documentary on Sundance Festival in America. This is a festival based on movies because she loves to watch movies. It includes all genres of movies so her documentary will contain footage of lots of clips from different genres of movies.

Maks’ Idea

Maks’ idea was to do a documentary on the Neppon Connection Festival in Frankfurt. This is a film festival focussing mostly on Japanese movies but not just anime movies. These focus more on blockbusters, indie films and documentaries. He thought of this idea because of past experiences with Japanese movies and he has been influenced in media.

Matt’s Idea

Matt’s idea was to do a trailer on the festival called Heroes and Villains Fan Fest because he loves to cosplay and enjoys movies and comic con. The trailer will not only be an online trailer but it would also be a TV trailer to advertise the event. His trailer will contain footage of his own mostly, as well as a little from the internet he has downloaded. The trailer will contain short interviews with some members of the public at the event to ask them of their views of Comic Con, focusing on all the positives.

Owen’s Idea

Owen’s idea was to do a trailer on the Goodwood Festival – Speed because he is a huge car racing fan. He was appealed to do this idea for a film. He will download some footage from the internet of the event and also some of his own footage. His trailer will showcase big names and what is there as an advert.