Level 3 – Lesson 2 – Focus Group (Creative Festivals)

My Idea

I have chosen to do a trailer for V Festival. The reason I have chosen to do this as my creative festival is because I love to edit videos. I also have a huge obsession with pop music so to be able to do a trailer for pop music would be really fun. I will be filming some acts on stage that I will have downloaded from the internet. I will also do a shoutout on Twitter to get people involved who have been to V Festival and ask them their thoughts of it. I will be showcasing the audience too singing along and dancing to the acts as well as the acts.

Lydia’s Idea

Lydia’s idea was to do a documentary on Sundance Festival in America. This is a festival based on movies because she loves to watch movies. It includes all genres of movies so her documentary will contain footage of lots of clips from different genres of movies.

Maks’ Idea

Maks’ idea was to do a documentary on the Neppon Connection Festival in Frankfurt. This is a film festival focussing mostly on Japanese movies but not just anime movies. These focus more on blockbusters, indie films and documentaries. He thought of this idea because of past experiences with Japanese movies and he has been influenced in media.

Matt’s Idea

Matt’s idea was to do a trailer on the festival called Heroes and Villains Fan Fest because he loves to cosplay and enjoys movies and comic con. The trailer will not only be an online trailer but it would also be a TV trailer to advertise the event. His trailer will contain footage of his own mostly, as well as a little from the internet he has downloaded. The trailer will contain short interviews with some members of the public at the event to ask them of their views of Comic Con, focusing on all the positives.

Owen’s Idea

Owen’s idea was to do a trailer on the Goodwood Festival – Speed because he is a huge car racing fan. He was appealed to do this idea for a film. He will download some footage from the internet of the event and also some of his own footage. His trailer will showcase big names and what is there as an advert.


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