Level 3 – Lesson 3 – Context of film

Historical Context

I would like to place my medium historically as a modern context because my festival contains modern pop music and the festival has only existed fairly recently with new acts. The target audience for the festival are teenagers and young adults which would make it more modern too. However, the festival began in 1996 so it will contain some footage throughout the years but mostly contemporary footage.

Cultural Context

The American Dream

E.g. kissing in Indian movies wouldn’t be accepted unless they’re married.

The cultural context of my piece would be mostly English values as the trailer I will be making will be based on the V Festival which is set in England. A lot of the celebrities however that are performing will be travelling from all around the world like USA but a lot of the crowd will be from the UK.

Geographical Context E.G. Made in India

The geographical context of my piece is ‘Made in America’ because I want my audience to feel like the trailer was made in America however it was shot in England. The medium I am doing is a trailer which would be made in England however because the event i am advertising in my trailer would be in England.

Financial Context

The financial structure of my trailer will cost nothing because I will be getting all the footage from the internet. The trailer will not take no more than one week.

Production Context

The production context of my piece that it is edited on Adobe Premiere Pro CC. The main part of the editing will be Premiere Pro for the clips, titles and the music.


Film noir is good to research.

  • Angular shadow
  • Isolated feeling of a city
  • Terse dialogue
  • Determined, beautiful, scheming women

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