Interpreting Research

Sources – Website

Primary – Research you do yourself e.g. survey

Secondary – Others research.

Tertiary – Reference book e.g. bibliography. Reference manual to find secondary sources.

Sources of research

  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Internet
  • People
  • Radio
  • Television programmes
  • Website

You will have 2 sources; one for festival and one for the medium.

Primary research for my medium

  • Questionnaire
  • Survey
  • Interview
  • Focus Group (people)

To try and receive original data.


Exploring the first hand knowledge of the content

Snapshot of opinion

There are limitations to primary sources.

For example, there are limitations in cinema when there are age restrictions and censorship.

Too close to see the bigger picture.

Letters, diaries and memoirs e.g. Contact the owners of the festival as these.

We will look at values and limitations of these.


Intimate glimpse


Study of personality

Limitations – Only meant for one person. Isn’t for general use.

Disclosure (A private letter is disclosed to one person only.)

Only one viewpoint which could be biased.

Historically blurred – However and whoever told it, could be fake and lying.

Poem, Novels

The value of a poem is historical, emotional, spiritual and cultural.

The limitation of a poem is overdramatised which would be incorrect and inaccurate information. It will also hide the meaning. It also would be emotionally biased.

It would contain different interpretation for example: A German war author’s viewpoint would be a different perspective to a perspective from an author from somewhere else.

Drawings, paintings, cartoons

The value would be the hypodermic needle model where they inject in your brain what they want you to think.

Captures the spirit and educational. Can be viewed anywhere.

Style/ Design

Skill of the artist.

Captures the historical values (such as slaves at the bottom of the picture and then it progresses to the person on top.

The limitations of this are cubism.

The artist expresses their own opinion of a historical event.


The value would be a Vietnam war child and recently an Aleppo boy ambulance.

How people looked and dressed.

How people posed.

The reflection of attitude.

The limitations are personal bias e.g BBC.

  • political
  • photoshop (changing the image for the better)
  • now this
  • editing


The values of the newspapers are the nature of society, they publish accurate news (or are meant to) and record events.

The limitations are the society in which the newspaper is produced. Dictatorship and suppressed information.

Commercial motives.

Political agenda


What is the value?

Historical and factual (reliable)

Quantitative and qualitative data

Free of influence




Government records

Value – Solid, reliable, fact

Intended to be public

Census – Who are you? Where are you from?

Limitations – Scandal, illegal, maintain government’s image

Only about what the government wants us to know.

Oral History

Values – First hand minority, historical legacies, opinion history.

Limitations – Persuaded by questions. Body language. Loaded. Memory

Cultural background – social influence




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