Research, Concept and Proposal

V Festival is an annual festival held in two parks across England. One is at Weston Park in Staffordshire and one is in Hylands Park in Chelmsford. The festival is a pop music festival held during the penultimate weekend in August. The same artists perform at both festivals over the weekend, changing over the years. They perform at one festival on Saturday and the other festival on the Sunday.

The festival is held for persons aged 16 and over but the main target audience for V Festival is early twenties. The festival provides V-style accommodation which can be purchased before hand. It is great for those wishing to have a more peaceful sleep in the festival and provides a more comfortable sleeping area.

It is a one minute walk from the car park but there will be people there who will carry all your belongings to your tent if you choose V-Style. The arena is also a very short walk to the arena and the V-Style ticket includes one ticket per person and one VIP access ticket per person as well as 2 car park tickets. V festival also has camping where you can bring along your own tent and pitch it yourself. The site for this has warm showers but can get very busy at peak times and toilets.

V Festival has big acts from Sia to Justin Bieber and also includes acts like Rick Astley and Craig David.

For my piece, I would interpret the research as a survey and ask people their views on pop music and how they would choose to travel and accommodate when you are there. I could also do a questionnaire to interpret this information. My project will be a trailer so it won’t contain clips of people I have filmed myself and also will not need to conduct interviews. If this method is not obtained, I will apply the methods and analyse the results myself. This should help to prevent bias when I am deciding how my trailer will be shown and what acts will be shown in the trailer most popularly so it will attract more viewers and persuade people to come along to the festival.

The disadvantages of doing research as a questionnaire would be that people could feel like they may not be able to tell the truth because of a fear they could get laughed at. An advantage would be that you can get a large response from people because as many people as you want would be able to answer the questions and choose the most popular result. This way would be very inexpensive or no value at all because the results could be done face-to-face or online. Another disadvantage of doing research as a questionnaire could be that the results of questionnaires don’t tell us the reasons or the meanings behind their choices.

The advantages of doing research as a survey would be that they can be cost-effective at very little charge as you can write the survey out and pass it around by hand or to do it online for cheap value. Surveys tend to have accurate results because people are most likely to tell the truth this way, especially anonymously on an online survey. Also, large amounts of information can be stored in surveys. A disadvantage of survey research is that there is no way of telling how truthful the responder is being. Also the validity of the person responding could be a disadvantage of survey research.


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