Target Audience and Psychographics

My target audience for my trailer would be mostly girls, but some men aged between about fifteen and thirty. This is because most people my age listen to the type of music which V Festival plays like Rihanna, Justin Bieber and David Guetta. My target audience would be aiming at British people but also a few American people because some of the performers are American cultured. However, my main target audience would be Britain because the festival is in England and it has a very British theme. The main people who watch the trailer would be people who need help persuading to go to the festival because they can’t makeup their mind. The main audience also would be people who have a huge interest in YouTube videos because the video would be uploaded onto YouTube once it is edited and this is one of the best ways to promote the festival and persuade unsure people to go to it.

In the demographics table, my target audience would mainly be letter code E, students, pensioners or unemployed but could sway into letter code D which targets semiskilled and unskilled manual workers.

The main psychographics of my trailer are as shown in the image below. People wearing t-shirts and denim shorts or jeans.


The psychographics for the acts tend to be similar to those of the audience wearing casual clothes like jeans and hoodies, as demonstrated by Justin Bieber below.


The psychographic segmentation of V Festival are all similar to one another and the lifestyle and personality characteristics are similar too. At V Festival, you see young women dancing along to the songs, fist pumping in the air and singing along to the well known songs. 99% of people who attend V Festival go because they love pop music and staying up late. So the psychographical targeting when selling merchandise at festivals, would make more profit than those selling merchandise online for example because the main target audience will be at the festival so they are the most likely to be interested in purchasing it which makes marketing increase. The interests of the people who attend the festival will be for people who interact on social media networking sites such as Twitter to find out the events, people who have their own fashion sense and those whose interests tend to be going to gigs/concerts as well as spending time with friends. They are likely to own a smart-phone and/or iPod of some sort to listen to music on the go because music is their life. They are likely to wear skinny jeans, canvas shoes or trainers, band t-shirts or short crop tops, big brands like Vans, Converse or Dr. Martens. They’re likely to think of music as an escape route when they are upset and like to keep up to date with what they are up to on social media. They are most likely to shop in shops like New Look, Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Primark, merch online stores and H&M for clothes and HMV for CD’s.

The target audience also would be students in secondary schools, colleges and universities who want to let loose once in a while or be a bit rebellious.

The lifestyle for people who will be attending V Festival next year would be people having fun with their friends whilst maybe making new friends. They might get drunk at the festival if they are of the correct age to do so and if they so wish. They also would be wearing wellies and a flower crown with a crossover bag, dancing along to the music, possibly with face paint marks on their faces.

Below is the way how people at V Festival dress.



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