Title and Synopsis

Title – Pop For You

The title for my trailer will be called Pop For You because it is pop made especially for a target audience like themselves. The title will project at the beginning of the trailer with the music starting in the background. Then, it will fade to black before continuing on with the video clips.


Act 1

There will be a few clips of people singing and dancing, walking around with the music in the background and the singers on stage singing. The music will occasionally line up with the singers but will also not always because it will show other singers and audience members just enjoying themselves and singing.

Act 2

This scene will reflect the bad things that can happen at a festival for example it will show the consequences of drug and alcohol misuse and will show up on screen the facts and statistics of drug misuse and how many people a year get affected by drug misuse, for example, how many mortalities there are and how many casualties there are.

Act 3

This scene will portray the ending of the V festival including the link to tickets, the outdoor lights being turned off to show the end of the festival and people cheering which will fade out. First, this will show more clips of people enjoying themselves for about a minute or 30 seconds and then it will fade to black and then open back to the scene of the outdoor lights being turned off.



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