Treatment – 30/9/16

The title of my trailer will appear on screen “Pop For You” before it fades to black onto the next scene of people dancing and walking around the festival.

Featuring thrilling music clips of the stars performing themselves, this short story takes you on an amazing adventure through the eye of an audience member.

The adventure doesn’t end here! Take this epic ride around the arena and see your idol up close and personal.

Including live footage from the previous years of V Festival, this magnificent trailer is just the start to a jam-packed day out for you and your family. The screen will flip between scenes with up-to-date pop music in the background the whole time. It might show clips of people on the fairground rides with them screaming quietly in the background on top of the music. It will flick between the scenes of random people at the festival, other singers and the real singers singing in time with that song on screen.

The trailer will not just feature all the good things about going to festivals, but it would also feature on screen titles which will warn people of the effects of drug and alcohol misuse with some facts and statistics on screen to help people to not take drugs.

But don’t let that stop you from popping along; drugs and alcohol aren’t the only result of fun. You can have fun with energy drinks and your mates!

My trailer will not consist of a story, as such, because the use of a trailer is to promote the event and persuade people to come to the event.



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