Shot List

Shot List


Production Name V Festival Trailer 2017
Director Emily Cashmore


The first scene will be of three people of any gender packing their clothes into bags ready for V Festival and then shouting “V Fest here we come!”


This will be shot in a wide shot to start with then will go to a mid shot of the bag which people are packing their things into and then back to a wide shot of them packing their things in their bags.


Then the next scene will be them wearing their backpacks and walking out the door and out of the scene. This will then fade into the next scene of the audience as a birds-eye view with the title of the festival over the top. Justin Bieber singing on stage at V Festival will be a clip from YouTube already filmed and will consist of mid and wide shots.




Size Camera Movement Actions Dialogue


Wide Shot Steady cam Three people packing bags “V Fest, Here… we… come!”


Mid Shot Still Filming the bag they’re packing  




Wide Shot Still Three packing bags again  





Wide Shot Still Wearing bags and walking out the door.  




Birds eye view Tracking/ Steady cam Title of the festival on screen on top of audience  


This will continue for the rest of the trailer.




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