Personal Statement

For the past three years, my ambition for editing videos has grown rapidly. When I first started college, I was sure I wanted to do something in the media sector. However, the longer I stayed on the course, the more time I got of hands-on experience of media, and editing was something which took my interest the most.

I got the experience of a variety of ambitions whilst studying media, but nothing I did, I enjoyed more than presenting or video editing.

When I am at home, I enjoy filming short videos or vlogs to edit as I have a good knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro and I love to edit them then upload them to YouTube.

I did a short while of work experience writing for my local newspaper, Lynn News, and walking around the high street near me alongside a journalist for the company to ask people who they might vote for in the general election. I joined the course to try and achieve my childhood goal of becoming a journalist, but my work experience made me realise I didn’t want to continue down that path. Plus, the course I am currently on in college, focusses on the filming and directing side of media.

The whole media idea was genetic because my Grandad on my Mum’s side used to work for the BBC many years ago although I am unsure what he did in the BBC. Also, my late Dad did too because he used to speak on big BBC radio stations and personally knew many celebrities. He also used to be on his own television documentary programme many times called “Ghost Hunters” alongside other co-presenters where they used hunt houses for ghosts. This got him his own IMDB and Wikipedia pages and also pretty well-known in the media by celebrities and also many autographs from big actors, actresses and even big singers like the late Michael Jackson. So I would like to follow in his footsteps and go into presenting TV programmes for the BBC or editing videos for the BBC or ITV.


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