Success = I believe success is to achieve your work to the best of your ability before the deadline.

Success varies from project to project.

How did the US election affect you? – medium

It affected us because it was on all the news on television all day of live reports. This was a successful medium. Also it was discussed within focus groups and on the radio all day.

Apply analytics software to a video clip or a medium.

Geo-demographics – Age group and where the audience is from

Factors? Metrics

These metrics fall into 4 categories. These are:

  • Consumption
  • Sharing
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales

Performance of medium aka how successful was it?

Consumption Metrics

What the audience sees and hears.

E.g. video views, page views, document views and downloads. This is quantitative primary research .

Sharing Metrics

How do I share the medium?

Social signals = Clicks on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc.

Backlinks = When another site or medium links to my site.

Email – Open and forward.

You can measure this metrics using software called MailChimp.

Article in a journal = Create a stir.

I would like to create a backlink and social signal with my medium of a trailer.

Lead Generation Metrics

This changes passive viewers into loyal followers.

Conversion rates: site visitors measured against sales/ follower = merchandise

Form completion – How many times people sign up to a newsletter

Blog subscriber – feedcat

Sales Metrics

Tracking sales

Data – Graphs, pie chart etc

Call-to-actions = End of piece

When you are watching a programme for example The X Factor, you get adverts every 7 minutes or so because these are ways that they get paid using the above metrics.










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