Evaluating a project – 11/11/16

Who is evaluating the project?

Monitoring a project – Targets, Milestones, measuring progress, achievement

Most importantly input and output


Evaluation: Places a value judgement on information gathered including monitoring data

Evaluation is the assessment of projects success

Whose value is used?

Project manager evaluation differs to audience’s evaluation because their role is different.


What are the tasks to be done? What you want to achieve from your project. What achieves good output. E.G. Ran a test.

You are trying to achieve a large audience with good camera shots and audio.


The extent in which activities/outputs are achieved with lowest possible resources/inputs.

This could be limited funds, limited expertise or limited time.


Extent to which project meets outputs/objectives


Measure of change due to the project

Response surveys or action taken up


Change in behaviour – Can be short term, intermediate or long term

Goal of project

Capture intended and not intended outcome.




Goal meets intended needs. Audience/Client


Change contine


S – Specific – Who? What? When? Why? How? Where?

M – Measurable  – Numbers and figures

A – Achievable – Have you set yourself a challenge?

R – Relevant – Does your piece of work you’re making fit into the market?

T – Time-bound – Deadline (16th December)





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