Evaluation for Medium


My idea was to do a trailer for the next V Festival event in 2017. I decided not to film any of the trailer myself because I would be saving videos from YouTube and editing them together as I don’t really enjoy filming videos as much as I do editing them and the festival isn’t until summer 2017.

The things that went well with my piece are the clips were easy to edit because I sped some up and put audio over the top of the clips. I also found the green screen went really well when I put about ‘more acts to be announced’ and added photographs of some singers who people of my age group and who like pop, enjoy listening to usually.

What I found challenging this project was finding good clips like the clips of the tents and I also wanted to get more clips of walking around the festival. I also didn’t like how the audio sounded when I was overlapping it over the clips.

For my trailer, I was very efficient because I didn’t need to hire any camera equipment and I did all the sound myself from music off YouTube. I have been efficient because I have planned my work and done post-production in plenty of time before I started the editing process. I also planned how long post-production would take and how long the editing process would take to know if I could fit it in before the deadline. I needed to ensure I would get each post-production done in one day maximum so this includes my moodboard, storyboard, etc.

The tasks would be to gain a large audience with good camera shots when editing and good audio so this is cropping videos and panning in when editing so I ensure I can get a good wide range of different camera angles including a wide shot, mid and if possible a close up shot too. The aim with the trailer also would be to eventually get money from it by advertising it on YouTube videos and television adverts and also in cinemas before a film.

My medium has been effective because it informs people of V Festival in the ways I want and also tells you about drinkaware.co.uk because a lot of teenagers, especially, go to festivals like V Festival and don’t really think of all the effects of alcohol consumption in later life.

The impact my medium had, was that I did surveys beforehand to get people of my target audience age range’s group an idea of their type of music and what they would like my trailer to contain.

The outcome of my trailer was to show the audience how fun and exciting V Festival is for people of both genders, of any age range, focusing mainly on the positives, and where to purchase the tickets from.

I think the relevance of my trailer was very important because the target audience I aimed to achieve were teenagers or young adults aged between 16 – 22 and I think I achieved this by focusing on pop music from these days rather than from the 80’s, for example. So it contained music from the likes of Sia, Justin Bieber and Rihanna.

In conclusion, I believe that my trailer wasn’t all that unsuccessful because I achieved what I wanted to achieve in the set time I was given and I got loads of editing experience and green screen when I added the pictures in and audio to improve my knowledge.


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