Reflecting Your Process and Techniques

Rolfe Et Al – Reflective model.



  • What did you achieve?
  • What actions did you take?
  • What is the problem?
  • What is the reason for feeling bad?
  • What is the reason for being stuck?
  • Good or bad?
  • Consequences?

So, what?

  • So what broader issues are there?
  • So what new understanding of the situation?
  • So what does this teach me/imply.mean about me?
  • So what goes through your mind as I act?
  • So what should I have done to make it better?
  • So what did I base my actions on?

Now, what?

  • Now what do I need to do in order to make things better/stop being stuck/resolve situation/feel better?
  • Now what broader issues do I need to consider if this action is to be a success? – Strategies and plans.
  • Now what might be the consequences of this action?

The problem I experienced for my trailer for V Festival was getting the audio to the  desired volume and trimming the audio to fit my piece together. The reason for feeling bad and feeling stuck was because I really struggled to make the piece how I planned originally because of the audio which made me feel I may not have achieved to the best of my ability. The actions I took in order to change this were that I had to adjust and layer the audio clips to make it fit. The consequences if I didn’t change the audio would have been that my piece would look amateur.

I based my actions on getting the audio to fit the type of video I was showing so if the video had lots of strobe lighting then the audio to overlap this video clip would have to be quick and fast to fit in with the video type. I should have planned the audio a lot more, however,. when I did the storyboard. The new understanding of the situation would be being more optimistic and also planning the piece lots more. The broader issues would be that if you do not plan every single thing to a dot then the whole trailer won’t look professional.

I would plan the audio out before hand a lot more so then I won’t experience these problems again. The consequences of this action would be that I shouldn’t have any problems and it would make the editing post-production process a lot easier for me.


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