Checklist unit 11 & Wellbeing



10 Basic Points

1. research

2. Look sharp and feel good

3. be prepared

4. Be on time or early (15 mins) And Allow getting lost

5. Show enthusiasm

6. Listen

7. Answer the question being asked – don’t be afraid to ask them to explain it again

8. Specific Examples. Story. Success, unique

9. Ask questions

10. Follow up – Marketing Me


Breath In…Hold…Out

Avoid autopilot


career wellbeing – I work in Costa part time and have done work experience locally for Lynn News.

social wellbeing – I have friends in college and keep in contact with some from work.

Financial WB- I earn money at Costa as well as doing

Physical WB – I walk to college 4 days a week about 1 mile each way as I park further away. I also cycle on most weekends to do paper round.

Community WB – I used to go to Explorers so would hang out with the community there but not anymore


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