Online Bio

Text and visuals

  1. Name
  2. All your qualifications (C and above)
  3. Plan post-qualification
  4. Sharing Experiences in the industry – What? Why? Where? Who? When?
  5. Address and where are you from? Experiences?
  6. Family/friends – Who you live with?
  7. What are your hopes and dreams? Better at…

How To Structure Online Bio

  • Look at CV’s
  1. Design type
  2. Graphics & banners & thumbnails & frames
  3. My photos – Me, location, job
  4. Text edit – font, colour
  5. How do you share your online biography? E.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Deadline: 27th January 2017

Words: 700 (done)

Visuals, links, design?



Research online bio.



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