Looking to the past. (Tense) – Examples

Theory – Present tense

Reflection Models


What happened?

We were taken through some interview questions and answering them using the STAR theory we learnt with another class member asking the questions you wrote down in the studio in college. This helped us to gain confidence and help us get jobs in the future.

What were your feelings/emotions?

When we were being interviewed, I felt nervous and scared when I had to answer the questions however I enjoyed asking the questions because I felt more confident which made me happy.

What was good and bad? Subjective.

I found some questions went better than others because I had an idea in my head to some of them because I know that I am better at talking about working in a team but not so good talking about other stuff in particular dealing with difficult customers.

Sense of situation – Research source

I used the STAR method when I could to answer the questions to ensure I could get a job in the future.

Conclude generally? Specifically about response.

I think the interview went fairly successfully however I don’t think I answered using STAR enough so I highly doubt I would have gotten the job I wanted due to my nerves so I should have planned the interview out better than I did.

In the future, how will your plan change?

The plan could change because I might not enjoy what I am doing now and want to take a completely different career path not focusing on media.

Schön – (Reflection-in-action)

Experiencer’s Processes

Decision making and the feelings at the time of the event

Affective mode

I reflected in action by, unless I am really annoyed, I will usually walk away from a bad situation if something is bothering me.

For me, the most important experience was dealing with difficult customers in a busy environment.

At the time, I did not know how to make any coffees. This might be due to the fact I had very little experience before I worked in Costa coffee. This is unlike anything I used to do before I worked here. Unlike working in Monsoon, this demonstrates that I didn’t use to deal with many customers.

Having applied Gibbs model, I now realise that I should have dealt with customers quicker and how to reflect on the situation in a calm way.



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