Rationale and Concept

  1. Rationale – plan
  2.  What have you learnt? – Camera, edit, theory (pre-shoot post) Look at blog for this.
  3. How you intend to employ it. – Location? Studio.

The plan for my final major project was to film in the studio for the entire shoot to shoot an interview. I have learnt how to change the aperture on the camera to focus on certain things whilst blurring other parts of the clip. I have also learnt about white balance. The white balance ensures all of the video is the colour it is in real life. I have learnt how to make a good risk assessment and storyboard to ensure that all health and safety aspects were taken care of and the storyboard really helps to plan what your project will look like including the different shot types to make it easier when you film. In editing, I learnt how to add bin structures to organise your clips which I will need to do when filming my final project. I also learnt about using interview techniques to ensure we can get future jobs which helped build our confidence.

  1. Concept – Idea
  2. Why is it you are doing this? Project? Role?
  3. What story am i telling? Angle? Punchline?
  4. Audience
  5. The future of my idea

The concept of my project is to film an interview based on the programme, Teen Wolf. It will be me interviewing someone about the programme from a fans perspective, however little will the interviewer know that the ‘fan’ they will be interviewing is actually a real life wolf too. I decided to do this because I have a big interest in interviewing people and I really love editing videos which interviews use a lot of editing. The story I am telling is that you shouldn’t trust people fully that you have only just met because people you may thought were your friends can just turn their backs on you. The audience I aim to target my piece on will be both genders but mostly teenagers aged between 13 and 19. My project


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