Unit 13 3.1 – Solve practical and technical problems

Technical Aspect/ Learning

Video technology

Scanning of the frame (25fps 24fps)

Interlaced & progression (i and p)

Audio – LR, PPM, Level, VU, dBs, Bars and Tone, Time Code

Compression – Files, Lossy and Lossless (Small and large), Examples, Camera and edit suite, BPS (Bits per second)

Rules for video, audio and compression. What problems? Audio cable (l&r) is called an XLR. Switch channels. Analogue. Bars? Calibration. You are making the camera know what white is. (RGB at 100% – Red, Green and Blue) – White balance. If you don’t your colours won’t be RBG so it could be over exposed – Tungsten.

Final piece compressed (MPEG – Moving Pictures Experts Group) .mp4. Lossy? Too large

Evidence and examples (Photos of the camera settings for example, screenshots and examples of solving technical problems


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