Blog Diary – 18/5/17

30th March 2017

This lesson we learned about rationale and concept which is your plan and your idea. I wrote a bit about my plan for my FMP and then for concept, mentioned about the idea of my FMP.

31st March 2017

This lesson we listed our strengths and weaknesses when it comes to media production so for example, I said one of my strengths was video editing and a weakness was directing because I’m not a very controlling or outspoken person.

26th April 2017

Today, I wrote about 500 words on my research for my final major project for example listing all the research techniques like Wikipedia with the link to the website.

28th April 2017

I rewrote my 2000 word essay to include research and a bibliography about my topic which was the female role in the soap EastEnders.

4th May 2017

Solving Practical and Technical Problems. This lesson we wrote about 500 words about solving practical and technical problems, for example anything that could go wrong/has gone wrong in video, audio and compression.