Evaluative & Reflective Writing


What happened? – The Beach

You have used Past Tense.

We got in the minibus to Cornwall beach and arrived at the beach. We set up a barbecue and cooked some food.

What feeling/emotion? Past tense.

I felt excited when I arrived at the beach knowing I was going into new territory I had never been to before.

Subjective – Good or bad?

Make sense of the situation – rationale – source research (x3) – compare – Present tense

conclude generally then specifically

Actual plan for the future e.g. next time i will… – Actions and timescales – Future Tense


You MUST reference books

Title (Author, date)

Sources (urls)

Evaluation 6.1 Evaluative records (dates) – Highlight problems

Minimum 500 words

Evaluation – Depends upon who is evaluating. Peer evaluation who took part in production. – Angle

Reflective – Gibbs – Completed cycle x5 times

Success – Your own goals


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