Month: June 2017

SWOT Analysis


Pre – Production – I feel one of my main strengths in pre-production would be doing a storyboard because, although I am bad at drawing, I feel as if the storyboard is the one that really gives you a plan of your work.

Production – For my project, I will be interviewing someone, but my main role for the piece is producer/director. I really enjoy interviewing people. This is good for me because I have had previous experience helping to direct a music video last year in level 3 year 1.

Post Production – My greatest strength in post production would be video editing because I have some basic knowledge of editing from past experiences. I will experiment with a variety of new editing techniques for example using Adobe After Effects to change eye colour.


Pre-Production – I feel my biggest weakness when it comes to pre-production is script writing because although I have an imaginative mind, I feel like it is a challenge to be able to imagine myself or my character as speaking to someone else with it being interesting.

Production – I feel my greatest weakness is directing when it comes to production because I am not a very outspoken person so I find directing quite challenging for me.

Post-Production – The post production that I struggle with is the evaluation and getting enough words. This means that I am reflecting and evaluating rather than just stating what I have done well and what I need to improve on to the best of my abilities.


Pre-Production –  By shooting interviews, this could help lead into a career in the media industry as it covers many different aspects of the industry. I aim to improve my films with every film I shoot as I gain more knowledge.

Production –  The opportunities that I will gain from production will be that it should help me get a full time job in the media sector when I leave college. Once the film is edited and uploaded online for the public to view, I can add more footage to my show-reel, so that it can help me to gain a career in the media industry.

Post-Production – In post-production, I will be able to write my reflection and evaluation to know how to improve when I am looking for a job.


Pre-Production:  A threat I could possibly encounter when it comes to pre-production would be that I could potentially lose all my pre-production folder or all my documents on Word so this could mean I am late for the deadline and could possibly fail. Cast and crew could be put at harm if the risk assessment is damaged for example and it would be your fault if they were and you lost your forms if they’re not on Word, or if Word crashes. Another threat could be that if the storyboard is damaged, the film could be altered completely and could look amateur or unplanned.

Production: A threat I could come across when it comes to production could be that the cast may not turn up on time or may let you down or they may not have also rehearsed their lines. Another could be continuity and their hairstyle or clothes may be different to the trailer.

Post-Production: When it comes to post-production, a threat could be that my work could all crash when I am editing it, or the SD card could become locked or corrupted. Also, when I save my edit and come back to it another time, I might have to locate the media and this could become quite an issue.


Methods for Practical

The methods I used to make my interview included pre-production where I had to make a storyboard to plan my piece, risk assessment to ensure that all the cast and crew is kept safe and some questions so ask the interviewee.

When all the pre-production was completed, I then began shooting my interview. This is the production. I shot myself in a wide shot the whole time and mainly Matt in a mid shot although there were a lot of wide shots of him too.

When the production was done, I then completed my post-production. This included writing my evaluation to the best of my abilities and reflecting on my work.