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Wednesday 3rd February 2016


In 200, BBFC classified:

  • 574 films
  • 222 of these were passed 15.
  • 11778 videos and DVDs
  • 4938 of these were passed U or PG.
  • 258 video games
  • 151 of these passed U or PG.

In 2007 the BBFC rejected TWO works.

BBFC was established in 1912 as the British Board of Film Censors but later changed to the British Board of Film Classification which it is what it is known to people now.

T.P. O’Connor’s – ‘Forty – Three Grounds for deletion


The Licensing Act, 2003:

Cinemas require a licence.

The Video Recordings Act, 1984.

Videos didn’t ever have a certificate until Margaret Thatcher brought it in so people could watch an 18 certified video under the age of 18.

‘Video Nasties’ – Video nasties are movies that are really violent.

The Obscene Publications Act

Cinematography Films (Animals Act)

Protection of Children’s Act

Race Relations Act

Human Rights Act

Blasphemous Act (Jesus or Jehovah) – You have to be careful using someone as Jesus in films.


U –Suitable for 4 year old’s or older.

PG – Suitable for 8 year old’s or older.

12 – Suitable for 12 year old’s or older.

12a –You are allowed to go in under the age of 12 as long as you are with an adult over 18.

15 – Suitable for 15 year old’s or older. Contains strong language, sexual nudity and mild violence.

18 – Suitable for 18 year old’s or older. Contains very strong language, very strong violence and sexual violence.

R18 (Restricted 18) – Suitable for over 18’s but can not be shown in cinemas because it contains extremely X-rated or violent content so has to be shown in special cinemas.