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Bin Structure 14th October 2015

TC – Time code

Bins in this case are places where you put footage you do want to keep.

E.D.L (XML) – Edit Decision List


  1. Back it up
  2. Create a folder onto the external drive, server or local (desktop) E.G. Microsoft Spaceman
  3. Name it. E.g. 7th October 2015 footage (Naming convention)

Adobe Premiere

Creating new bins

  • Footage              7th October 2015 Day 1 (DO NOT USE SLASHES OR DOTS FOR THE DATE)
  • Voice over
  • Music
  • Sound Effects (SFX)
  • Graphics

Dump Sequence

Offline (Microsoft Spaceman Cut 1)

Edits (Microsoft Spaceman Cut 2)

Offline edits

Online edits

bin structure