Category: Character Alignment and Allegiance

Character Alignment and Allegiance

Alignment is when you are being placed close to a character (Hear their thoughts. Voice over. Looking at camera. Close ups.)

Allegiance is siding with a character. (POV shots. Intimate information)

E.g. in the film, Heather, we have alienated against Heather because she bullied Martha by giving her a fake love letter then laughing at her when she asked the guy about the letter. She started off as a normal, typical teenage girl who was tying blonde hair so that made her seem alright. Then we see a group shot of three girls in primary colours on a well tended, spacious lawn which shows she is middle class. We then see a group shot again, of their legs walking all over a well kept lawn and flowerbed which shows the girls are mischievous. We then see them play croquet with the same balls and Veronica’s head mysteriously buried in the grass.

Alienation = Techniques of alienation to make us not care or dislike a character. (Hidden or wearing a mask, name/voice, negative information, weird looking, where they live)