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Communication Methods – Sophia

There are many advantages of communication. One method of communication is by social media like Facebook. Advantages of these are that the messages are instantly sent and received. This includes messages, videos and pictures. Another advantage is that this method is pretty cheap. A disadvantage of social media is that there is the risk of cyber bullying. Another disadvantage of social media is that you can be hacked, so you could lose your privacy. Another disadvantage of social media communication is that you need internet to communicate via social media.

The advantages of phoning is that you can get your answers instantly.  Also this method is usually free or very cheap. A disadvantage is that people could be very rude over the phone. An advantage is that it may be harder to ignore the receiver or hang up over the phone as well. Some people have nerves over the phone.

The advantages of communicating verbally by speaking is that it is of course free of charge. Another advantage is that your answers will be instant. This method is probably the simplest because we all do it everyday and it is obviously free of charge. The disadvantage of speaking is that people could be rude face to face and it would be harder to ignore them and to walk away from them. I used this method for my own project when I was developing ideas for my own project of my video installation art. Some people find talking makes them feel anxious, nervous or awkward so this method is harder for some people.