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Unit 4 2/2 Contextual Parameters

The music video which we did was contemporary context because it was set in the present tense and wasn’t meant to be set historically. Context is everything behind the text which sets an idea which can be fully understood. Our music video reflects that it is modern because of the current bright lighting we used. We also used green screen which is quite a modern thing as well as using Adobe Premiere Pro to edit the music video, adding in different countries the plane flies past.

I think that the music video doesn’t really achieve synergy as the song doesn’t really have a theme or topic so the music video could be random which it was. Synergy is when two or more media products help each other to work together. However I believe that synergy will be useful when people watch the music video because then they might listen to the song on its own which will be a good promotion and then will help the band gain money in the music industry. For example: My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion links to the movie Titanic and Disney’s High School Musical promotes the DVD which then promotes the soundtrack, merchandise which promotes the sequel, Disney store and finally the movie.

Geographical/Cultural context – I think that, although the plane flies past many different countries both in the EU and out of the EU, it just reflects British ideas and not internationally.

I think that our music video represents the society in a good way and not diverse. It is a really random music video and doesn’t aim any culture in particular as we tried to include as many countries as we could.

I believe that our music video wouldn’t shock, offend or break rules because it isn’t aimed at anyone in particular. It may offend some people because of the fake shark which some people may be offended by because of the way it is held. I think, in particular, the main bit which would break rules in the music video, would be when we used pictures from movies such as ‘Shark Tale’, ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘Up’.

Sony can use synergy the most because they conglomerate (group together) which owns various smaller companies (subsidiaries).