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Unit 2: Introduction to design & research skills in creative media production

Session 1: An introduction to research methodology (how you do things).

Why is research important?

  • Build on what’s gone before or even avoid repeating anything done before.
  • Ensure projects are possible, safe and/or affordable before we start.
  • We can discover, measure or prove things through quantitative or qualitative data gathering.

Costing a TV programme

Mode of address

£1800 for location fee

£47,667 per episode

£850 for camera hire

£850 a day per cameraman/woman

£1900 a day for production team

£500 a day for copyrighted clips

£50 for copyrighted pictures

£5,100 for camera crew & equipment

£1100 for lighting

£700 for sound equipment

£550 for offline editing

£500 for props

£200 for costumes

DV (digital video) is cheaper to run TV programmes than most other types of cameras, however they are tapes so it can be a real hassle to carry around.

If you work for the BBC, you mostly get music for free, but if you don’t, you have to pay.

Actors have to belong to a society called equity which gives them the right to act. But, they must pay £300 a year for this.

Cameramen earn between £500 and £1000 a day. Editors earn about £300.

BECTU – Broadcast Entertainment Cinema Theatre Union. These set the rates for you.