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British people use irony more than American’s in general. British people use sick jokes to hide emotions.

Irony examples: Clear as mud

Sitcom Characteristics

The 3 C’s




Character – Tend not to be extreme stereotypes – like in sketch shows – need to be well rounded.

Alignment – Being placed close to a character

Allegiance – Taking their side, liking them

Sketch shows are comedies only funny for about a minute or two, for example, Vicky Pollard in Little Britain.

Familial roles – Like a family, not necessarily related but someone who acts like a parent.

Conflict – There has to be continuing conflict, otherwise it’s dull to watch.

Authority – With a boss

Spousal – With partner

Sibling – Brothers & Sisters

Confinement – People have to be confined to a space and stuck to each other. E.g. Prison, outer space, flat or house share, workplace e.g. hospital or office, or even a marriage or relationship.

Demographics – Way of categorising things and people.

Age/gender/socio-economic status (class)

Upper class – Carries a title such as sir somebody/lady somebody/somebody new money (nouveau riche)

Upper middle – MP’s mostly, managers, Harley Street, Doctors, high up management

Middle – Professional workers, teachers, lawyers, GP’s

Lower Middle – Office work (white collar)

Working (blue collar) Manual labour (skilled or unskilled)

Low Subsistence (E) – Students, unemployed, pensioners, housewives, people who do seasonal work