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Music Video 30/9/15

1Khz is equivalent to 4 p.p.m (Peak Programme Metre) and -18dBVU (decibels and virtually useless)

They can be measured in PPM’s and VU. PPM’s move side to side and VU are coloured and move up.

VU METREimages (12 VU Metres here)

Audio Level

Sound FX



On board mic (on camera) – Left Channel – Room. Boom mic – Right Channel – Voice – Ambient sound and as a back up if a channel fails.

Wildtrack – the ambient sound of the room. You need to record 1 minute of wild track.

Wildtrack needs to be recorded to avoid hard cuts in the audio.

Sound FX – 3.5 PPM

Music – 4.5 PPM

220px-Sifam.type34A.British.ppmPPM Metre

Voice – 6PPM (5.5PM and adverts go up to 6PPM)

The sound is compressed between 4ppm and 6ppm between a limiter in commercials. That’s why people sound different in TV programmes and music as they do live.