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Music Video Theory for Sophia

Synergy is when two or more media products work together to help each other sell. E.g. My Heart Will Go On promotes the film Titanic.

Encoding And Decoding

Text is anything that can be read or analysed.

A sign is a means by which to communicate meaning.

Polysemic = Multiple meanings for one sign.

Commodities = Anything that can be bought or sold.


Signifier = The physical (or audible form)

Signified = The mental association or concept

Narrative = comes from the Latin ‘Narrato’ meaning ‘I Tell’. It is the way the story is told.

Narration = Telling the story through. (Voice over)

Narrator = Story teller.

2 Russian Guys said:

Tvetan Todorov said: All stories follow this pattern, initial (equilibrium) also known as balance of a story has a equilibrium then a disequilibrium and then an equilibrium again so something good happens, then something goes wrong then it goes back to good by the ending.

Disequilibrium – Something gone wrong. Disruption.

Restored equilibrium – Balance again.

Transformation in iminal period

Vladimir Propp said there’s always the hero who departs on search, a villain who struggles with the hero, the donor who gives the object to the hero, a Princess who is a sought for a person who exists as a goal and often recognises and marries the hero and/or punishes the villain. Sometimes the Princess is a thing and not a person for example the treasure in Pirates Of The Caribbean.  Also, a father and a false hero who claims to be good, dispatcher sends hero on quest in every story.

What do stories need?

Stories need a:

  • Plot (ie order)
  • Beginning, middle and end
  • Point
  • Moral
  • Genre
  • Audience
  • Characters
  • Props
  • Protagonist and Antagonist (goodies and baddies)
  • Problem that needs to be solved (disequilibrium)
  • Obstacle

In days before music videos existed, radio was the main medium for promoting your song or track. Programmes relied on a combination of live performances, interviews with musicians and bands, the chart list and input from the studio audience. Most singers mimed in the 80’s.

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen was the first ever music video to be aired.

Parody – Joke Version

Pastiche – Copy of a style (serious version)

Cover – Copy of someone else’s song (serious version)

MTV first began in U.S.A in 1981 and they promised that they would play music videos all day every day (24 hours a day).

Buggles’ Video Killed The Radio Star was the first music video ever played on MTV. A Flock Of Seagulls in the 80’s never gained any popularity in the UK but were a new wave UK’s band.

Many movie directors began their careers by directing music videos. For example, Bad Girl and Vogue by Madonna was directed by movie director David Fincher who directed movies such as Gone Girl, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and Panic Room. Also, Michael Bay who directed the Transformers movies also directed the music video for Meatloaf’s I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That). Also, John Landis directed some Michael Jackson songs including Thriller and Black or White but also the movie Blues Brothers 2000.