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Evaluation for the music video

We originally had an idea of using the Monopoly man as the main character in our music video. We were going to use a person cycling through the town and then sees, Mr. Monopoly (Mr. Pennybags) rummaging through a metal bin containing chance cards and monopoly money. He was then going to pull out the metal dog from Monopoly and throw it on the floor. The dog was going to turn into a real life dog that would be sat there and would bark at the monopoly man. The band members would be playing monopoly in a room and then one would eat drugs, which turned out to be a dice.


Unfortunately, we had to change this idea because the band members didn’t give us a copy of their music until just two weeks before the deadline would come up. Also, we had arranged the metal dog to be made by some students from the college from art & design but the teacher who was going to arrange it, didn’t.


Plan two wasn’t fully planned. We were going to have a similar idea as plan one, however instead of the monopoly man, we were going to use people in egg costumes. We decided this idea was impossible.


Our final idea was the one we used, which was a paper aeroplane on an adventure. It was going to be pretty random and we could interpret and edit it however we wanted. Most of the group decided the paper aeroplane was going to fly past a load of countries. Callum brought in a shark hat so we thought we might as well use it. We also bought a watermelon and tied some elastic bands around it to see if it would explode, but unfortunately it didn’t. We then through the watermelon on the floor but unfortunately we weren’t recording so we had to film that clip again.


The editing was the most enjoyable part of the music video I think because I love editing. In my edit, I decided to make the title by using green screen to add the aeroplane, and then I had the watermelon with the elastic bands on it in the background with the title ‘The Adventures of The Paper Aeroplane.’ Then the paper aeroplane travelled through King’s Lynn, through to London, France and many other countries. We included the shark with the movies Shark Tale and Finding Nemo because they are relatable. Then the music video would end back in King’s Lynn.


The song didn’t really show any meaning so we could interpret it however we wanted. The genre of the music was sort of a rock-folk genre but the vocals were extremely quiet so I found that that made it more difficult to edit because we couldn’t hear it properly to decide on what would happen in the music video.


We also had to change the camera settings to make sure the lighting with the studio lights were okay and didn’t shadow too much which unfortunately, the shark did shadow so we had to remove the shadow as best as we could in the effects on Adobe Premiere Pro and when the paper aeroplane had the string in shot, I edited it on Premiere Pro by going into Effect Controls.