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New British Sitcom Idea

Premise/Plot Summary

Title – Room Mates

Theme Tune


Stars To Play Them or Unknowns

Laughter Track?

Target Audience – 15 – 25 both genders

Friendship Group – Roommates in university

A group of friends who live together in university. We follow their everyday lives as they go through studying and the pressures of the life.

5 Characters (main) – 3 Girls 2 Boys

Fred – Fred is an excellent learner and passed all his exams above a B grade, but has no common sense and most things go over his head. He studies sociology but is shy.

Oliver – Oliver loves all things game and movie related, often referencing them casually. He loves science and it makes him incredibly smart.

Chloe – Chloe is a beauty obsessed girl who does media makeup. She is a complete neat freak and often shouts at the others for leaving dirty dishes or socks around.

Ruby – Ruby is a history enthusiast. She will often say facts about anything and everything. She can be loud, outgoing and opinionated.

Jess – Jess is a politics lover and studies law. She always things she is the best believing she is smarter and can top everyone in anything, although that’s not true.

This group of friends met the first year of university where, since then, have grown to love each other’s company and have bought a house together.

Stars to play? Whoever fits best. Their age is 20 – 25.

Theme Tune – To be constructed bu professional musicians.