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National news is news from this country.

International (or global) news is news from around the world.

Local/regional news is local news so the reporter may say, “News where you are.”

Current affairs programmes aren’t quite the same.

News and current affair programmes are studio-based programmes. Generally presented by one or two news casters, sitting or standing at a desk. They contain pre-recorded stories (VT), live interviews in a studio or on screen and live/recorded transmission from reporters on location. News production is fast-paced and highly pressurised. Producers need to respond quickly to changing events.

Newsreaders need to dress a certain way. Suits and ties/dresses are signified. They mean all kinds of things like success, smart and rich. They must have received pronunciation. This means they get taught to speak a certain way when on screen. No accent is allowed to be heard on the news.

News ‘story’ suggests it has a narrative structure.

Headline – summary

General Values

  • Negativity
  • Currency
  • Simplicity
  • Personality
  • Closeness to home
  • Recent News
  • Continuity

Agenda Setting

The news organisations set up an agenda of topics which form the news. Once more this opposes the idea that news is somehow a collection of truthful events and facts from ‘out there.’ Editors choose the news.