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Peer Assessment

The music video was pretty good. You had a good use of green screen because not really any string or shadows were visible in the video. The flying of the plane going through many countries I thought was very good because it added effect to the video. I liked the added effect of the green shark eye.  The editing of the music video was very clever and I think that without the video being edited then the music video would be very basic and blunt.

The graphics of the whole video  could have been a lot better for example the explosions at the end graphics weren’t as good as they could have been, and the picture backgrounds could have been less pixelated. The 4 sharks on the Mount Rushmore scene didn’t fit in with the concept of only one shark following the plane which made it a little bit of a continuity error. The video as a whole didn’t really make any sense, for example, why was there a flying shark and why was a plane travelling around the world? These things just didn’t really make much sense and didn’t go very well with the song. Also the video could have been more realistic, for example the movements of the plane animations were sudden and didn’t really look natural.

The video was very confusing to watch, as nothing really added up. It was also very intriguing because a lot of stuff in it had me sat on the edge of my seat wanting to watch more. The video also had me laughing because it was so random and is nothing like the stereotypical music video we all see on television, but it was actually pretty good.