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Post Production Set Up 7-10-15

Linear editing

Only one editing master


On a tape and SD card there is a time code (T.C)


H      M     S       F

Hours Minutes Seconds Frames

25fps frames per second

Time of day T.O.D (e.g. 13:20:00:00)

Wide shot


In point ————————————Out point

You can create handles before an in point

Non-linear software packages include Final Cut Pro, Adobe premiere pro and AVID.

Time code for an edited master

Timecode_OverlayTime code

Every show of a professional edited master (TV) is 10:00:00:00 (10 hours)

30 seconds of black (no colour of audio) then 1 minute of bars and tone and 30 seconds of clock


westone Clock


SD Card – Write Project copy to an external drive to a named foldermaxresdefault Bars and tone