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Script for 2 minute project

ME: When was the last time somebody broke a promise to you?

INTERVIEWEE 1: My friend, at the time, once told me she would come to London with me. It got to an hour before it was time to leave to get the train, and I received a phone call from her. She told me she couldn’t be bothered to come. It isn’t only the fact she broke her promise, but the fact she just couldn’t be bothered is what really upset me.

INTERVIEWEE 2: Everyday someone breaks promises. In my life, somebody I know told me they would be here to talk to me whenever I needed a shoulder to cry on. But they never were so, in a way, they broke their promise.

ME: Have you, personally, broken a promise?


Me: What do you think is the worst part of someone breaking promises?

INTERVIEWEE 1: I think it’s the hurt and trust you will have in them next time they promise something to you.

INTERVIEWEE 2: The guilt they must feel after breaking their promise and the trust next time they promise something or lie to you.

ME: Are you sure you haven’t broken even a little promise once in your life?

INTERVIEWEE 1: Well if you can include one time I promised my mum I would pay her back £1.50 for a drink, but forgot, then yes I have broken promises.