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Hello I am Emily and I am studying Level 3 UAL Media TV & Film in College stock-footage-hd-video-camera-black-and-white-animationof West Anglia.

I began college on Monday 7th September 2015 at 8:45 and met my friends again and made some new friends, because I got a distinction in level 2 Media. We were asked to tell the class our names, ages and one fact about ourselves. I, of course, said I love Stereo Kicks.

On Tuesday, we were split into groups of about 5 and were given some random pictures cut out of magazines and were asked to make a story out of them. We were also given a short script which was a game show and helped know about live shows and auto cues.

On Wednesday, we watched a five minute clip from Night Of The Living Dead and it helped us know more about what conventions were e.g. thunder, tense music, zombies to represent horror movies etc.