Category: Unit 4 – The Sitcom – “Situation Comedy”

Unit 4 – The Sitcom – “Situation Comedy”

What are Situation Comedies?

A television or radio comedy series in which a regular cast of characters, usually working or living together, experience everyday situations in a humorous way.

Comedy is very old. It dates back to the Ancient Greek times when they wrote and put on comedy in plays back in 500 years BC called Komoida.

One of the first was in 1926 called “Sam & Henry” in America which was a 15 minute daily programme.

It was adapted for TV – longer format, the half hour sitcom.

Soap Operas used to be on radio before televisions were invented.

“I Love Lucy” was a very popular USA sitcom in the late 1940’s to 1950’s.

British TV sitcoms emerged in 1950’s, one of the most popular was Hancock’s Half Hour quickly followed by Steptoe & Son.

British sitcoms are normally arranged into six episodes because they only had one or two writers unlike in the USA where they had about 14.