Evaluation For 2 Minute Project

My project was about broken promises. During pre-production all my paper work was easy to do as the templates were all easily accessible on Learn. I enjoyed pre-production. One minor problem I had with pre-production was when I was making the mood board, the pictures weren’t positioning where I wanted them to be positioned and kept overlapping one another. I then worked on Paint which worked well but then I was working on the Mac’s and it didn’t have my work on it and it didn’t have Paint on the computers. So I had to work on a new document on Word for my mood board. The risk assessment was fairly simple to make as most risks were minor trip hazards.

During production, I didn’t really experience any problems in pre-production as all the SD card, camera, white balance and sound worked well with no problems. I had to adjust the height of the legs the camera was positioned on so that it was in line with the actors. Both the actors turned up and they had good clothing on which would work well with the camera and lighting.

The final part of the project was post production. This includes getting screen grabs and writing evaluations. The editing part of post – production was the most enjoyable because it used the most amount of skills and I found it fun. I enjoyed using the ultra key to apply green screen to my piece. I also enjoyed using the gaussian blur tool because I had never used this before when editing and it made my piece look much more professional.

I used screen grabs during the editing stage of my project to show how I edited each stage of my video and how I exported it, rendered it, used the gaussian blur tool and ultra key tool for green screen.


Above is a picture of me editing my 2 minute project.

To improve my production work I perhaps should have used more lighting when I was filming to make my work look more professional. I enjoyed blurring parts of the screen and also using green screen.

To improve my piece I could have used a variety of people instead of just two and I should’ve used a exponential fade tool on Adobe Premiere Pro CC to fade out and in the music when the titles were on screen because the music just stopped suddenly and didn’t really fade.

Although I didn’t experience any problems with my SD card, if I do in the future, I need to remember to format the card. I enjoyed using white balance in my piece because I had more knowledge on how to do this from Foxy’s lessons. I got a piece of plain white paper and got Frankie to hold it up whilst I pressed the white balance button on the front of the camera and adjusted the zoom.

I used the new 4k cameras in my video because I had never used them before and I had fun working out how to use it properly. I also enjoyed using the motion and scale tools on Adobe Premiere Pro CC and because I used the 4k cameras, I could change the scale size of the videos and the quality would still be very good.


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